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Name Fadi Issa al-Shadidid
Province Daraa
Sex Adult - Male
Mother's Name
Date of Birth 0000-00-00
Number of kids
Age 0
Marital Status Unknown
Area \ Place of birth Jadyieh
National Number
ID Card number
Detention Date 2018-11-01
Detention Status Tortured till death
Detention Place
Detained By
Detention Background
Legal Status
Place of detention action
Responsible branch \ division
Last seen- date 0000-00-00
Last seen- Place \ Branch
Family contact information
Release Date 2019-04-11
Brigade Name
The Source
Rank / Military situation
Notes The regime forces informed the family of the young man of his death after his health deteriorated in Tishreen Hospital, Damascus. He had been detained by the regime forces from Harra city six months prior to his death on charges of belonging to ISIS although he was a civilian of no political affiliation whatsoever the detention date is an approximate one. the release date is the date when the news of his death under torture arrived