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Name Shadi Ali Saleem Alloush
Province Damascus Suburbs
Sex Adult - Male
Status Civilian
Mother's Name
Date of Birth 0000-00-00
Number of kids
Age 35
Marital Status Unknown
Area \ Place of birth Zabadany
Occupation Shop Owner
National Number
ID Card number
Date of death 2011-07-17
Martyrdom location
Cause of Death Shooting
Direct Cause of Death
Method of Execution
Caesar File 0
Type of Weapon
Brigade Name
The Source
Rank / Military situation
Notes the martyr left his house to head to the mountainous area of Kafar Amer during the campaign, only to be surprised by security cars in his way that were fired at him and the other residents of the city that were fleeing. His body was then taken by security and wasn't delivered to his family, who thought he was arrested. On Tuesday 19/7/2011, residents of the city found his body in the area of Naboo' where security forces had thrown it