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Name Khalid Shaker Bashlah
Province Damascus Suburbs
Sex Adult - Male
Status Civilian
Mother's Name
Date of Birth 0000-00-00
Number of kids
Age 35
Marital Status Unknown
Area \ Place of birth Nabk
National Number
ID Card number
Date of death 2011-07-18
Martyrdom location
Cause of Death Detention - Torture
Direct Cause of Death
Method of Execution
Caesar File 0
Type of Weapon
Brigade Name
The Source
Rank / Military situation
Notes he took part in the protest that was on Friday 15-7-2011, which is known as Friday of the Prisoners of Freedom, which took place in the city of Nabek. He had recorded the protest which led to shabiha attacking him and demanding the footage, which he refused to give. He then escaped and hid in the house of one of his friends. His friend's house was raided by state security and he was arrested and taken to a security branch. On the date of 18-7-2011, which was two days after his arrest, his family was informed of his death and they had to recieve his body from the security branch
Video of the killed person
Video of the killed person