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Name Unidentified 3
Province Homs
Sex Adult - Male
Status Civilian
Mother's Name
Date of Birth 0000-00-00
Number of kids
Age 0
Marital Status
Area \ Place of birth Qusour
National Number
ID Card number
Date of death 2013-04-09
Martyrdom location
Cause of Death Field Execution
Direct Cause of Death
Method of Execution
Caesar File 0
Type of Weapon
Brigade Name
The Source
Rank / Military situation
Notes A mass massacre that was committed towards the residents of Qusour neighborhood was found today. People believe that it occurred in the time between the 4th and the 5th months of 2012. The bodies of 3 adults, 4 children (aged between 14 and 15), a child about 8 to 10 years old, and a grown woman were found near Al-Hal market; their hands were tied to the back and they were completely burned. The ages are according to the doctor
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