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Center for Documentation of Violations in Syria - Killed List
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ExplosionShellingField ExecutionShootingKidnapping - ExecutionKidnapping - TortureKidnapping - Torture - ExecutionDetention - ExecutionDetention - TortureDetention - Torture - ExecutionUn-allowed to seek Medical helpWarplane shellingOtherChemical and toxic gasesSiegeUnknown
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Noha Hasanato Civilian Child - Female Aleppo 2013-12-29 Shelling
Mariam Khozaei Civilian Adult - Female Homs 2013-12-29 Shelling
Ziad al-Akel Civilian Adult - Male Raqqa 2013-12-29 Shelling
Fateh Abd al-Rahman al-Masri Non-Civilian Adult - Male Hama Tizin 2013-12-20 Detention - Torture
Mohammad Fatim Ramazan Civilian Adult - Male Idlib Jisr Shagour 2013-12-04 Detention - Torture
Najeeb Dakhl Allah al-Khouri Civilian Adult - Male Daraa Namir 2013-12-01 Shooting Not identified
Ahmad Mahmoud al-Bhaisi Civilian Adult - Male Lattakia Southern Raml 2013-11-28 Detention - Torture
Farouq Mohammad Abd al-Rahman al-Amour Civilian Adult - Male Daraa Khirbet Ghazaleh 2013-11-17 Detention - Torture
Abd al-Rahman Okla al-Baida Civilian Adult - Male Daraa 2013-11-01 Detention - Torture
Ahmad Mohammad Hafez Civilian Adult - Male Aleppo Mare 2013-10-25 Detention - Torture
Abdullah Mohammad al-Ibraheem Civilian Adult - Male Idlib Maarat Hirmeh 2013-10-01 Detention - Torture
Muhannad Abdul Karem al-Jomaa Civilian Adult - Male Hama Taibet Al-Imam 2013-09-30 Detention - Torture
Hilal Bealbaki Civilian Adult - Male Damascus Suburbs Jdaidet Artouz 2013-09-30 Detention - Torture
Mohammad Ahmad Mofrej Non-Civilian Adult - Male Homs Qaryatain 2013-08-12 Detention - Torture
Khaled Mohei al-Deen Abd al-Nafe Civilian Adult - Male Damascus Suburbs Douma 2013-08-06 Detention - Torture Syrian government and affiliated militias
Ali Mahmoud Idrees Civilian Adult - Male Homs Qusair 2013-07-16 Detention - Torture Syrian government and affiliated militias
Mohammad Hosain Bakour Civilian Child - Male Damascus Suburbs Douma 2013-07-01 Shelling
Hussein Salem Shames al-Deen Civilian Adult - Male Sweida Areeqa village 2013-06-29 Detention - Torture
Badr Razmak Civilian Adult - Male Damascus Suburbs Al-Tal 2013-06-09 Detention - Torture
Nabil al-Ahmar Civilian Adult - Male Damascus Suburbs Daraya 2013-06-07 Detention - Torture
Nidal Adnan Sawaya Civilian Adult - Male Daraa Jassim 2013-04-22 Detention - Torture Syrian government and affiliated militias
Louai Mouaid Kerbaj Civilian Adult - Male Damascus Suburbs Jaramana 2013-04-01 Detention - Torture
Mohammad Deeb Bade al-Khayat Non-Civilian Adult - Male Damascus 2013-03-22 Detention - Torture
Hasan Yousef al-Balkhi Civilian Adult - Male Daraa Njaih 2012-12-19 Detention - Torture
Samer Mansour al-Salah Civilian Adult - Male Daraa Mahajja 2012-07-01 Detention - Torture Syrian government and affiliated militias
Ahmad Khalid Al-Abbas Civilian Adult - Male Homs Deir Baalba 2012-04-11 Field Execution