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Latest Regime Fatalities   (8)
Name Rank / Military situation Sex Province Area \ Place of birth Date of death Cause of Death
Sulayman Mohammad al-Aloush Warrant Officer First Class Adult - Male Hama Mesyaf: Seghatah 2011-08-07 Shooting
Mohammed Goma'a Mahmoud al-jaj Soldier Adult - Male Idlib Qalaa 2011-08-07 Shooting
Ody Bashar Shtar Sergeant Major Adult - Male Daraa Sanamain: Southern District 2011-08-07 Shooting
Dureid Heidar Al-Mohamad Sergeant Adult - Male Tartous Khrbet Al-Maazeh 2011-08-07 Shooting
Ibraheem Kamel Hasan Corporal Adult - Male Hama Ghab : Khansa 2011-08-06 Shooting
Ahmad Adnan Haidar Soldier Adult - Male Quneitra 2011-08-06 Shooting
Husam Mohamad Masoud Warrant Officer First Class Adult - Male Lattakia 2011-08-06 Shooting
Ziad Alaa Al-Din Warrant Officer First Class Adult - Male Lattakia 2011-08-06 Shooting