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Latest Regime Fatalities   (14427)
Beginning ....... 141 142 143 144 End
Name Rank / Military situation Sex Province Area \ Place of birth Date of death Cause of Death
Mustafa Muhmoud Haboush Warrant officer First class Adult - Male Hama 2011-01-05 Shooting
Issa Yhea Aboud Unknown Adult - Male Tartous Safyta : Mowesah village 0000-00-00 Shooting
Dyab Mousa Muhmoud Civilian Child - Male Damascus Suburbs Khan Danun Camp 0000-00-00 Shelling
Nawras Slemna al-Jebai Civilian Adult - Male Sweida Shabki Village 0000-00-00 Shooting
Akeil Khalil Zada Unknown Adult - Male Other Nationalities Iran 0000-00-00 Shooting
Mmohammad Salman Naser Unknown Adult - Male Tartous safsafeh 0000-00-00 Shooting
Goerge Bolos Warda Unknown Adult - Male Unknown 0000-00-00 Shooting
Mahmoud Bashir Juma Adult - Male Damascus Suburbs Hamouria 0000-00-00 Shooting
Mohammad Aqel al-Jasim Soldier Adult - Male Deir Ezzor 0000-00-00 Shooting
Muhnned Muner Zaour Second Lieutenant Adult - Male Sweida Smed 0000-00-00 Shooting
سمير حمود العربي Adult - Male Damascus 0000-00-00 Explosion
Ibrahem Shahdeh Hashem Unknown Adult - Male Homs 0000-00-00 Shooting
Ali Khuder Darwish Unknown Adult - Male Hama 0000-00-00 Shooting
Hassn Bader al-Dein Unknown Adult - Male Other Nationalities Lebanon 0000-00-00 Shooting
Rabei Radwan Shebli Policeman Adult - Male Unknown 0000-00-00 Explosion
Haytham Gafaar al-Sabera Soldier Adult - Male Lattakia Jbailieh 0000-00-00 Field Execution
Alberon Tshaba Soldier Adult - Male Hasakeh 0000-00-00 Shooting
Evan Mouahmmed Qaer Unknown Adult - Male Hama Salhab 0000-00-00 Shooting
Wadee Saloum First Lieutenant Adult - Male Tartous Mashta Helo 0000-00-00 Field Execution
Sabah Homsi Civilian Child - Female Aleppo Mougabo 0000-00-00 Shelling
Khaled Nashaat al-halh Second Lieutenant Adult - Male Damascus Suburbs Jarmana 0000-00-00 Shooting
Wadah Darwesh Unknown Adult - Male Lattakia Jabla: Hwez 0000-00-00 Shooting
Haytham Saymeh Unknown Adult - Male Lattakia 0000-00-00 Shooting
Ali Ahmad Ghnije Unknown Adult - Male Lattakia Jabla 0000-00-00 Shooting
Mohammad Fares Ferrawy Staff sergeant recruiter Adult - Male Damascus Suburbs Qatana: Derbel 0000-00-00 Shooting
Mahmoud Ali Ali First Lieutenant Adult - Male Tartous Rakma Village 0000-00-00 Shooting
Al al-Saqraji 2 Civilian Adult - Female Homs Abbaseh Neighborhoods 0000-00-00 Explosion