Monthly Statistical Reports  ::   The Monthly statistical report on the Martyrs of Dignity's revolution: September 2013

The Monthly Statistical report

On the Martyrs of Dignity's revolution

Violation Documentation Center in Syria

September 2013



Gratitude and Indication:

As the Syrian Revolution enters its 30th month and reaches its third year, martyrs of civilians, defected soldiers, and enrollees in the FSA, are still falling on a daily basis.

VDC which has been working since the beginning of the revolution on monitoring and documenting all violations and crimes by the regime presents its report about Dignity Revolution martyrs of September 2013 covering the period from 1st till 30th September 2013.

Pointing out the following:

  1. Regime's fatalities are not included in the reported death toll.
  2. These figures are not final in any way, and they are subject to continuous and periodic scrutiny by center's activists and the field documentation team
  3. Figures may differ between reports even within the same district, and this can be referred to the territorial audit that would reveals places of errors and faults, as well as the continuous follow up to identify undistinguished martyrs whenever they are identified.

VDC thanks all field activists who are working hard to document the martyrs and complete their data by giving us data and correcting other.


Revolution Martyrs – September 2013:

VDC has documented, since the beginning of the revolution in March 2011 till the end of August 2013 (75,356) martyrs, 2,627 of which died in September 2013.

Of those martyrs, 2,363 have been documented by their full names, (264) documented as unidentified, (43) unidentified documented with videos and photos and (221)documented with information they were killed.

The martyrs of September 2013 distributed on all the days of the month with an average number of (88) martyrs/day; i.e.26 less martyrs than the last month, for in August the average number was (114) martyrs/day. The highest number was on September 1st with (158) Martyrs.

Shooting and regime snipers victims: 49%, Artillery bombing victims: 26% and field execution was 6%


The number of civilian martyrs is 1,420, of non-civilians is 1,176. (5) Of which are children.

The number of male martyrs is 2,335 i.e. 89 %, and of female martyrs is 292 i.e.11 %

Martyrs of September according to governorates:



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