Monthly Statistical Reports  ::   The Monthly Statistical Report on the Dignity Revolution's Martyrs - August 2014

The Monthly Statistical Report on the Dignity Revolution's Martyrs

Violations Documentation Center in Syria

August 2014


Introduction and Indication:
This report covers the fatalities during August 2014 noting that the fall of martyrs, mostly civilian women and children, continues during the ongoing Syrian crisis. Shelling civilian neighborhoods with all kinds of weaponry, which usually causes mass displacement movements from these neighborhoods, especially those indiscriminately targeted with barrel bombs, also continues on a large scale.
However, the following points should be taken into consideration before reading the report:

1. Fatalities of the regime's army, the Army of National Defense (Shabiha), Lebanese Hizbullah, Iraqi and Iranian Militias are not included in the reported death toll.
2. These figures are not final in any way, and they are subject to continuous and periodic scrutiny by center's activists, the data base administrators and the field documentation team.
3. Figures may differ between reports, even within the same district, which can be referred to the territorial audit that would reveal places of errors and faults, as well as the continuous follow up to identify undistinguished martyrs whenever they are identified.
Violation Documentation Center in Syria deeply thanks all activists collaborating with the center and the families of the victims. It also thanks the field monitoring teams and researchers, who face daily risks while carrying out their duties in order to document the crimes and human rights violations committed all over Syria, complete the data and information of the victims and help their families get their causes considered by the concerned agencies and organizations.

During this month, an update of the numbers of victims in Syria- including the regime's fatalities- was delivered by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. Our center was one of the leading sources the United Nations's report was based on. According to the UN, the death toll tops (191000) victims documented by names, dates and locations of death. Furthermore, the largest number of killings was documented in Damascus Countryside where (39393) cases were reported, followed by Aleppo (31932), Homs (28186), Idlib (20040) Daraa (18539), and Hama (14690).


First: Martyrs of the Revolution
Since the beginning of the Syrian revolution till the end of August 2014, the Violations Documentation Center in Syria (VDC) has documented the fall of (103367) martyrs at the hands of the regime forces and its militia. (1863) martyrs were documented in August 2014, (3928) in August 2013 and (5836) in August 2012, which is considered one of the deadliest months in the history of the Syrian Revolution so far. In August 2011, (504) were documented.


Second: Martyrs of August 2014
During August 2014, VDC has documented (1863) martyrs, (1708) of whom were documented by their full names, (155) were documented as unidentified because their bodies turned into carnages, still, (5) of them were documented with photos and (21) with videos, while other (129) were documented only by witnessing.

Third: the Distribution of Martyrs according to the Days of the Week
The average number of martyrs who fell during August 2014 was 60 martyrs/day, which is seven martyrs less than that of July 2014, when the average number was 53 martyrs/day.
On the second day of August (113) martyrs fell i.e. 6% of the death toll, while (94) fell on the third day and (90) on the 31st day.

Fourth: the Distribution of Martyrs according to Governorates
Damascus Countryside witnessed the fall of the largest number of martyrs, as the total number was (459 martyrs) i.e. (25 %), followed by Aleppo (384 martyrs) i.e. (21 %), then Daraa (203 martyrs) i.e. (11 %).

Fifth: the Distribution of Martyrs according to Death Causes
Air strikes and barrel bombs shelling were the main reasons for the fall of the largest number of victims during August. The figure mounted up to (694) martyrs i.e.(37%) of the death toll, (286) of whom were martyred because of the barrel bombs shelling, while (551) i.e. (30%) were martyred as a result of the shooting and snipers' fire during armed clashes with the regime forces. (420) of the latter were fighters of the opposition armed battalions. Other (261) martyrs i.e. (14%) fell as a result of indiscriminate shelling with mortars, artillery and tanks. VDC has also documented (5) martyrs who fell as a result of the use of chemical and toxic weapons by the regime forces, while other (12) died as a result of malnutrition and the lack of medical supplies in areas besieged by the regime forces. Moreover, (228) people were tortured to death in the detention centers of the security services.


Sixth: the Distribution of Martyrs according to Gender
The number of male adult martyrs is (1438 martyrs), i.e. (77%) of the death toll, the number of male children is (192 children), i.e. (10%), the number of adult females is (146 martyrs), i.e. (8%), and the number of female children is (86 martyrs) i.e. (5%).


Seventh: the Distribution of Martyrs according to the Category (Civilian/ Non - civilian)
(1348) civilian martyrs fell i.e. (72%) of the death toll, while only (514) fighters fell i.e. (28%) including five children under 18.


Eighth: the Distribution of Martyrs according to the Category and Governorate:


Ninth: the Martyrs Who Were Killed by the Islamic State
VDC has documented (116) martyrs who were killed by the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS/Daash), (67) of who were civilians and (49) were members of the opposition armed groups. The largest number of those martyrs (34 martyrs) was reported in Deir Ezzor, while (28) of them were in Aleppo. Among the martyrs were 5 male children, two women and two girls.

Tenth: Other
August 2014 witnessed the fall of six media activists and six doctors, one of whom died under torture in a detention center. Moreover, two nurses, three field paramedics, two engineers and three students fell martyrs.


An image of Nada Muhammad Ouni, a girl who died by an air strike on Saraqeb in Idlib on 26-8-2014.


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