Statistical Reports  ::   The Monthly statistical report on the Martyrs of Dignity's revolution: April 2013

The Monthly report on the Martyrs of Dignity's revolution
Violation Documentation Center in Syria
April 2013

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The Violations Documentation center has documented the names of 58,389 martyrs, cited through the period (March, 2011 - April, 2013), 3,673 of them have cited in April only. Knowing that these numbers are subjected to change, and Continuous update

April's figures: (3,275) martyrs have been documented in full name, (398) were unidentified, (193) of them were documented through videos or photographic evidences, and (205) of them through testimonies of eyewitnesses

Martyrs in April have cited on daily basis all days of the month, the daily average death count of martyrs was 123 martyr, less 12 when compared to the average of the previous month, daily death rate has peaked on the 10th of august at 185 martyr, most of them have cited in the massacre of Alsanamin that took place in Daraa province.

  • The percentage of martyrs who died under artillery shelling was 33%, while 41% have cited in clashes or were killed by snipers, and 8% where executed in the field.

  • The count of Civilian martyrs reached 2,324, and 1,349 of non-civilians, 9 of them were children.

  • The number of Male martyrs was 3,293 (90%), while females were 380 (10%)

  • Martyrs’ distribution in April 2013 by province:

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